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An Inspirational Tale


A positive frame of mind is key to a successful event.  All that planning, creative inspiration and attention to detail has everyone poised with anticipation for a wonderful event.  But know that, whatever happens – and there can be surprises sometimes – your event plan will see you through to a fabulous conclusion.


Consider an Eventfully-planned Bat Mitzvah that went forward despite the 29 inch Snowmageddon-induced, city-wide paralysis where most events were cancelled, stores closed, streets virtually immobilized and Metro shuttered.  The hosts chose to have none of that and forged ahead, safely of course.  The DJ and dancers stayed at a nearby hotel and four wheel drives were enlisted.  The Synagogue enthusiastically kept their doors open. 


More than half the guests braved the elements and showed up.  The entertainers, caterer and decor company rose to the occasion; and all the critical challenges were overcome.  It was a rip-roaring success.  Everyone involved, especially the family, turned Snowmageddon from a challenge to an inspiration.  The uplifting attitude conveyed by the hosts to their guests stimulated a dazzling celebration that left a great and indelible impression.


To be sure, nobody needs or wants a Snowmageddon-like surprise to be a source of inspiration (and some despair).  Rest assured that all the planning, all the attention to detail, and all the enthusiasm coupled with your positive energy will infuse your occasion, and it will be a splendid affair chock-full of great memories.  

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