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Family Celebrations

With a momentous family occasion on the horizon you may have a sense of what you want, but you’re not sure where to begin or how to pull the many pieces together, or you simply don’t have the time.  Or, you may have no idea what you want.  Right now, it’s all just a vague notion.  That’s where Eventfully becomes your partner.

The Dream Before designing your event plan, we begin with your goal and consider a style, or sometimes a theme. Together we probe what, ideally, you want your event to be.  What fun-things are must-haves?  What impression do you want your guests to come away with?  Together we conceptualize.  We might even dream a little.  

The Plan With a strong sense of vision we begin to assess what is feasible.  What from the ideal is actually doable?  What’s important?  What is your budget?  What constraints might there be?  With a better understanding of concept and parameters we develop and refine your event plan.  The excitement starts to build and your event begins to take shape.

Bit by Bit – With a vision and a plan, it is time to bring it all to life.  We get to work putting all the pieces together, bit by bit.  That’s where the fun really kicks in --  from venue selection to invitation design, from color palette to menu, from lighting and decor to entertainment -- creative choices come alive with every detail.  

The Day - Most importantly, we want you to feel like a welcome guest at your own event.  You should   feel comfortable and have confidence that the event you envisioned is the event that will materialize.    Eventfully is there overseeing every aspect of the day, answering questions, managing vendors, attending to  last minute tweaks, ensuring every detail is addressed.  We’ve got you covered.  Enjoy!!

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