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B’nai Mitzvahs, Weddings & Milestones


Corporate & Non-Profit

Whether it’s an annual gathering or a one-time occurrence, the reputation of your company or organization is on display.  Your event should reflect the persona of the organization and is consistent with its values and culture.  

UnderstandingEventfully strives to understand your organization’s style and preferences, your cultural DNA.  We review the purpose of your event and what you are trying to convey or achieve.  It could be as modest as an annual celebration or fundraiser or integral to your brand.  It could be a rollout or other occasion seeking high visibility.   Understanding your organization’s culture and the goals for the event ensures that together we develop the appropriate event plan.

Event PlanWith a full understanding of your organization’s priorities – what matters, what doesn’t, what’s on the fence - and within the parameters of your resources, we sketch out a plan.  What’s the guest list look like?  What else is on the calendar?  Any competing events?  What external factors should be considered?  What type of venue would work?  What type of caterer?  Entertainment?  Special arrangements?  Do we need décor?  Are there VIPs in attendance?  Is there an important message to convey?

Implementation -  We secure the venue, negotiate all vendor contracts including catering, entertainment, décor, lighting, audio/visual, transportation, parking, security and pull all the many pieces together.  We work closely with your designated staff involving them in every detail of planning and execution.

The Day - Whether your organization is a major corporation, growing business, distinguished law firm, trade association or non-profit, you have a brand and, on this day, it is in the spotlight.  For a few hours your event is an ambassador for your organization.  Your guests should feel they are attending an event that reminds them of what your company or organization is about.  Everyone in your organization should have a sense of pride in that the event and the organization have come together as one.  Eventfully will be there overseeing every aspect of the event, addressing every last minute detail so that all the guests and all the hosts and co-hosts feel welcome and at ease.

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